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Episode 4: Dylan Dethier and Cody Semmelrock - Sustainable Golf

Golf Magazine Senior Writer Dylan Dethier and Sustainable Innovation MBA program graduate Cody Semmelrock join me to talk about sustainable golf. We start by discussing how the concept of sustainability applies to golf, then move on to golf courses and their natural environments. We briefly trace how golf courses have evolved from shared pastures to pristine playing fields. Dylan and Cody detail the resources that go into golf courses, including some of the factors and innovations that can help reduce water use. Cody outlines how golf courses can become regenerative, while Dylan highlights some courses on reclaimed land. We then get into golf courses as shared environments - both with nature and other people. We discuss shared uses of golf course land for things like agricultural and food production. Then we delve into multifunctional design, where golf facilities offer various forms of golf beyond the traditional 18 holes and include options for non-golfers as well. Dylan and Cody conclude with some creative thoughts on sustainable facilities and their hopes for where this conversation will go in the future.

Cody's Acer Sustainability, LLC:

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