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Episode 7: Brian Zager - Mapping The Lido

How does a small-town Wisconsin kid who has re-created golf courses on computers go on to play an integral role in a major golf course development just down the road? How does a computer-game version of a lost golf course end up being carved out of the sand in Central Wisconsin? Brian Zager, digital golf course mapping specialist, shares the answers and details his unique journey in golf. Brian talks about his passion for golf and computers from a young age, his online golf hobby, and turning that into a money-making side business. Then, he discusses how Sand Valley, a golf resort 20 minutes from his hometown, changed everything. Brian dives into his most recent and largest undertaking at The Lido. From mapping the original model to implementing the plan in the field in an effort to re-create The Lido, it's hard to imagine someone with a more ideal background for this unique job.

To get in touch with Brian or learn more about his work, his website is You can also find him on Twitter @BrianZ111.

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